Davis Fencing Academy

Classes & Fees

Group Classes

Group classes are available to all members. Group classes are held twice weekly for 1hour each session.

Private Classes
Private classes are by appointment with the coaches as their availability allows. Private and semi-private lessons are available for an additional fee. Contact the coaches to schedule your appointment.

Conditioning & Footwork
Advanced footwork sessions are designed to increase a fencer’s technique while building stamina, strength and flexibility. Sessions are open to advanced fencers. Sessions are offered 4 times a week for one hour.

Open Bouting
Open bouting is a fun and highly social time when the club is open to free fencing for all members, beginner to advanced. Members are allowed, and encouraged, to bout with others of various skill levels. All weapons are available as well as electronic scoring. This is non-class time, no official lessons are being taught, though many of our more experienced members are eager to share for the benefit of all.

Adult Class
A beginners class designed for adults to learn about fencing while getting a great work out. Students are taught the basics of fencing and exposed to all three weapons. After class, students are encouraged to remain and fence in open bouts.

Class Schedule
Updated August 2021