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These are some of the common vendors that we have used.

The Fencing Post

Absolute Fencing Gear

Leon Paul

Blue Gauntlet

Fencing Star

Blade Fencing Equipment


USA Fencing

F.I.E. International Fencing Federation

United States Fencing Coach Association

F.encing R.esults and E.vents D.atabase
DFA is found in the “Mountain Valley” Division.

RSS feed of Pacific Coast events from AskFRED

The Bay Cup

Davis Pentathlon


news, discussions, gear information

US Fencing Hall of Fame

The Museum of American Fencing

Monkey See  beginner learning videos

USFA Age Classification
This will identify which age groups and divisions that you may compete in at tournaments. You may qualify for several groups at once.

Fencing for Parents from USFA, good information.

Glossary of Fencing Terms from USFA, good information.



The Davis Fencing Academy Patch
• The club patch can only be earned.

• The club patch represents that you are a member of Davis Fencing Academy when you visit another club or compete in a tournament.

• To proudly represent your club is to acknowledge the hard work your coaches and club mates have contributed in your fencing goals.

• The club patch is given by a coach to fencer when they begin to compete in USFA tournaments.